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Scholarship Award Visit!

Save a Billion Birds! and The Zoological Lighting Institute™ awarded a $5000 scholarship to Corey Riding of Oklahoma State University to aid in PhD research necessary to advance bird-window collision mitigation! 

To help out even further, Dr. Fischer visited Corey and advisor Scott Loss at Oklahoma State University in January, loaning measurement equipment necessary for the study to ensue. ZLI is especially pleased to support this project, summarized in the application as follows:

"Recent estimates indicate that over 600 million birds die annually in building collisions in the USA and Canada. Human population growth is expected to continue, especially in urban areas, which will escalate the construction of buildings that pose collision risks to birds. Many of the fatal collisions are thought to occur when nocturnally migrating birds become confused or distracted by artificial lights. I propose to assess the relationship between night-time lighting and bird-window collisions on the campus of Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, OK. As part of my dissertation research I am conducting daily surveys to record the number and location of collisions. I will use this data to generate spatial collision hot spots using the Getis-Ord Gi* statistic in ArcGIS 10.2. With funding from the ZLI, I would purchase light measuring equipment (expected cost US$250-400) and hire a technician (expected cost US$4000-4500) to help with collection of lighting data. Those lighting data would be of two types: (1) ambient light levels around buildings in different weather conditions and moon phases, and (2) illumination intensity when major lighting structures (e.g., flood lights at sports fields) are on and off. I will interpolate these data to generate night-time lightscapes similar to Bennie et al. (2014). Thus, I will be able to (1) compare spatial collision hot spots to lighting patterns, and (2) look for temporal collision hot spots when large floodlights are on. This research will contribute to scientific knowledge about how lighting affects window collisions at shorter buildings in a smaller urban area.”

It is hoped that the added loan of lighting measurement equipment will allow for monitoring support at Oklahoma State University, and to cover contingencies as they arise. Congratulations to Corey Riding for winning the scholarship, and to pursuing a necessary research project to help end bird-window collisions forever.

Save a Billion Birds! Annual Dinner and Reception

Save a Billion Birds! Annual Dinner and Reception
9 December 2015, Asian Art Museum of San Francisco

The Save a Billion Birds! Annual Dinner and Reception has been organized to encourage investment in architectural heritage across Asia, as a way to protect natural resources through a unique and creative program. Every year, over a billion birds perish after colliding into glass windows. The loss of birds at this scale creates enormous economic, environmental, and cultural challenges for the communities such architecture ought to serve. San Francisco has been proactive in creating bird-friendly guidelines to encourage architecture sensitive to this crisis. This evening takes this sensitivity of the SF Planning Deparment Standards for Bird Friendly Building further, by demonstrating how the glass-free building traditions of Asia can foster even better architecture 
for vibrant and productive communities. 


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Andrew Perry, Planner, SW Quadrant
San Francisco Planning    

Dr. Kevin Nute

Dr. Kevin Nute, Cambridge University PhD  and Professor of Architectural History at Oregon State University, will present a fascinating lecture on ‘Frank Lloyd Wright: Japanese Art as a Means to Organic Architecture’ . Save a Billion Birds!™ is a registered trademark of The Zoological Lighting Institute