The Zoological Lighting Institute™
& Save a Billion Birds! 

Note from the Executive Director

Dear Colleague,

Killing birds unnecessarily is horrendous; unnecessarily killing over a billion birds a year is atrocious. Yet this is our current situation in architecture, largely the result of ignorance inherent to unthinking reliance on transparent or reflective glass. Research, in architectural design and the relationships of birds to their luminous environments, is necessary to move practice out of ignorance to a better place. During the Annual Dinner, ornithologists, architects and bird enthusiasts will have the opportunity to share knowledge and explore new possibilities in the field of bird-friendly design.

Save a Billion Birds!™ recognizes that biodiversity-loss mitigation is an integral part of any claims of professional and sustainable architectural design. Biodiversity-loss mitigation is a civic responsibility in the interest of public health, safety and welfare. Bird-safe design is not optional, no more than the structural integrity or accessibility of buildings is optional. Bird-friendly design is an ethical responsibility of every architect. Save a Billion Birds! leads communities to a better understanding of ecological aspects of the built environment, ultimately developing a market for the transformation of our communities to a sustainable and humane form. This international Campaign provides many opportunities for participants to share information and research whilst developing new insights into the topic, improving the lot of over a billion birds that currently die in collisions every year, and all that depends upon them. 

We hope you join our movement, engage us in dialogue and together move architecture forward to Save a Billion Birds!.



James Karl Fischer PhD RIBA AIA
Executive Director
The Zoological Lighting Institute
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